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Who is Scott Woods?

Scott Woods is the author of Urban Contemporary History Month (2016, Brick Cave Books) and  We Over Here Now (2013, Brick Cave Books) and has been featured multiple times in national press, including multiple appearances on National Public Radio. He was the president of Poetry Slam, Inc. and is the co-founder of the Writers’ Block Poetry Night. In April of 2006 he became the first poet to ever complete a 24-hour solo poetry reading, a feat he bested in 2007 by performing for another 24 hours, but without repeating a single poem.

If you want to read Scott’s takes on culture and race go to Scott Woods Makes Lists
If you want to read Scott’s food reviews, go to Real Black Talk on Real White Food
If you want to read Scott’s experience with creating a Halloween costume, go to The Neil deGrasse Tyson Costume Project
If you want to read Scott’s adventures in making a Stephen King themed train set, go to The Stephen King Train Set

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