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How Writing and I Rang in 2015

If the rest of this year goes the way the first 10 days have gone, this is going to be a most excellent year:

– I had a poem – “My Ex By Way of Review” – published (Pouch)

– Had a poem – “(Ar)rest Assured” – voted in the top 10 poems of 2014 courtesy of East Van Poetry Salon

– Featured at a storied local reading (The Poetry Forum, oldest poetry reading in town)

– Had a blog essay on looting awarded a Freshly Pressed feature on WordPress

– Saw my essay on Stephen King’s “Magical Negroes” published (Union Station Magazine)

– Unveiled the 2015 slam season for the Writers’ Block Poetry Night…

– …which got a write-up in 614 Magazine this past week

– I decided to slam for the team for the first time in a couple of years. (Even if I don’t make the squad I’m going to coach.)

– For kicks, I dropped a nine-page action plan on how to combat racism through economics as well as a random blog entry here and there

So, yeah, I’ve been a little busy.

The novel is starting to turn a corner, but I’ll admit: it’s slow coming. Part of it is fear, part of it is distraction (based in fear), part of it is being busy (not based in fear, but boy, isn’t it convenient that I have a distraction from all that fear?). I have to tighten a second draft of my next poetry manuscript, so there’s a bit of a race going on there.

I’ve decided not to go to AWP this year. I don’t want to go until I have a new book in hand. We Over Here Now is still worthy, but as you can see, I’ve got a lot more to show for my efforts since it came out, with more to come before 2016 hits. Besides: next year it’s in Los Angeles. I’ve never been there, and this is as good way to meet the town as any. Minneapolis and I need no such introduction. Besides: I’m not convinced that Minneapolis won’t still be covered in snow in March.

I am humbled and exhausted from all of the wins over the past week and a half, but I’m in the zone. Feels good. I’ve got some projects coming that will be awesome, so in the words of Pinhead:



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