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NaNoWriMo – New Tactics and What Be Calling

It’s day 9 of NaNo and I am sorely behind…about 7000 words behind. I’m supposed to be at 15K by end of today. That would be double what I’ve written so far. Do’t know if THAT’S going to happen, but I am off of work and I have been known to pull a writing stunt here and there bordering on a sainthood requisite.

My approach is very different this year than all the other years I’ve done NaNo. Using it to jump start the core writing of a novel that I already intended to create has allowed me go into the project with different fuel, tools and tactics. Example: most years I have some kind of idea of what I want to do but I don’t beat the story up too much. I just pull a Stephen King and go for it, see where it goes, what characters want to do and be. That works about 25% of the time for me. At some point, I know I’m committing something to paper that’s not working – it feels like garbage – and I get stuck or stop altogether. I can accept writing something and discovering later that maybe it’s not up to snuff, even of “later” means mere minutes after having written it. what I cannot stomach is writing full-bore, undeniable, in-your-face crap. At least tease me a little, muse-baby. This year I’m using an outline that’s been fully researched. I don’t need to wonder where the story needs to go, and my outlines allow for changes along the way. (If your outlines don’t allow for growth or changes, or you don’t like outlining, you’re probably doing it wrong.) I don’t get stuck as often.

Another difference is that I’ve basically chunked the outline right into the text, so I can bounce around and fill in the story around the things I know need to happen. I played with this in parts of The Gospel of Smoke a few years back near the end – one of two NaNo novels I “finished” – and it’s really working out in this new one. It allows me to bounce around in “real time” with the story, so I haven’t got stuck yet.


Candy Crush be calling, yo.

With all of these tactics you’d think I’d have more words. Me too. The problem isn’t the tactics. The problem is me being lazy. When I have a day off, I intend to write, but man…it’s my day OFF. Good movies be calling. Learning new board games be calling. Facebook be calling.

Typical Scott, of course. When I do get in the groove, I’m a monster, but getting me in the groove requires Herculean effort.

We’ll see what today brings. It’s 7:18 AM, I just woke up, and this has been a nice little warm-up. My ass doesn’t hurt from sitting on it all day doing nothing yet, so gravity hasn’t clocked in yet. In short, I need to get off of here and do some plowing. I’ll update later today to see how far I got.

Unread books be calling.
Twitter be calling.
Household chores be calling.
Fear of inadequacy be calling.

(FYI: This blog entry was 529 words. SHIT.)


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