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The Outline Buckledown

I mentioned before that I’d turned in my next poetry manuscript, and that doing so allowed me to focus on other things that are on my plate. The most prominent portion is in fact another book, likely to follow the release of the next poetry release. I can say it aloud now: it is a novel.

I’ve written novels before, but never published them. Oh, I meant to, but they just weren’t ready. I have a drawer with a handful of completed or partial novels that are great ideas with fair to middling execution.* But this one? This one is an all-out effort to get it done and right out the gate.

I won’t say too much about it now, but like a couple of other novels I’ve done, this one is starting with an outline. Sometimes I use one, sometimes I don’t. This one, however, required a lot of research, so it helped to plot some of the story out based on things I was learning and reacquainting myself with as they fell into place in my head. I’ll still be doing research along the way, but the last few months have pretty much been a scholar dump into my head.

But now it’s time to start taking the books back to their respective libraries and setting aside the copies of stories and subject-specific encyclopedias I own and tighten up the outline in earnest. The stacks of books piled up on my desk have largely been an excuse not to settle down and do the actual work of writing, so it’s time for them to go so that I can at least remove that distraction. The next few weeks will be spent tightening up the outline straight out of my head with minimal reference work, ensuring the story I wish to tell works, is unique, and remains something I feel strongly enough to spend fall and winter writing. I’m basically storing brain nuts for winter.


* = In all fairness, some of these were NaNoWrioMo novels, so they didn’t have to be good…just done.


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