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Queen’s Gambit Accepted aka Who You Are Messing With

I’ve tried this before, keeping a writing blog.

The problem in the past has been that I am beyond “writer”, beyond the work. All artists are, of course. Artists don’t generally draw inspiration from the act of writing itself. So my previous journal is littered with movie reviews and observations on culture and favorite album lists and rants about white characters in Japanese anime and lonely midnight poems…and that’s just in the last few years. Going back further, there is the flailing juvenilia of someone trying to figure out how his voice worked, what his platforms were, and who, as a leader in a national artistic organization, was beholden to the mores of a community that spent a lot of time cursing said work. So it was frequently amateur, often personal, and while a lot of fun in recent years, wildly divergent in scope and purpose. That isn’t a bad thing for a diary, but it can be disconcerting for an audience intending to engage someone in one area, only to discover the area gets short shrift in the offing.

So at the suggestion of my publisher and to stop-gap some of the requests I get from random people about their own work, I am launching this exclusively about-writing blog. If you know me already then you know that I maintain a number of similar outlets: “Real Black Talk on Real White Food” (an intersection of food reviews and culture), “Scott Woods Makes Lists” (an intersection of culture and irreverence usually in list form), “The Stephen King Train Set” (exactly what it sounds like), my Facebook page (which, despite popular convention, is not a personal account of the detritus of my life so much as branding) and a podcast, “Race Against the Machine” (an intersection of racial discussion with irreverent indignation). Those are the ones I actively maintain, mind you. There are some static floaters out there that I occasionally pick pieces off of in pig roast fashion from time to time, but are unlikely to receive any updates. Hey, it took me a long time to come up with the definitive answer to the eternal Michael Jackson versus Prince debate. I’m not just chucking that into the ether just because I’m tired of LiveJournal.

But this is the one for writing: what I’m working on, what’s coming out, what I think about writing and writers, and so on. All writing, all the time.

As I’m having a really fun and productive year with writing, expect to see, as my friend the gentleman from Arizona, Bill Campana would say, some “hot action.” This one will be a little more above board than my other platforms, by which I mean general audience safe.

(This is where you imagine me cracking a champagne bottle on the bow of the recreation of the Santa Maria in downtown Columbus’s Scioto River. It could use the shine.)

Not to scale.

Not to scale.


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