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Setlist from Lincoln Theater performance 11/16/17

Setlist from Lincoln Theater 11/16/17 (…as best I recall the order. The first and last poems of each set are 99% surely correct. Stuff in the middle each? Probably correct.) … Continue reading

November 17, 2017 · Leave a comment

CUPSI may have changed CUPSI, but Slam has plenty of work left

Slam has not been changed by the events of CUPSI; CUPSI has been changed by the events of CUPSI. Contrary to the bandwidth being consumed by the rest of the … Continue reading

April 16, 2017 · Leave a comment

The (Actual) Inherent Problem with Poetry Slam

(Note: I’m informing you out the gate that this one is a bit inside, a little shop talk with the Poetry Slam community at large. Feel free to keep moving … Continue reading

August 7, 2016 · Leave a comment

How Novel: A quick note on outlining

Thick in novel land. While floating out here, I’m fulfilling a not-unreasonable request about process. Here’s some insight into how I (try to) get the job done. All of the … Continue reading

June 20, 2016 · 1 Comment

Black Art in Columbus: A Keynote Speech

(This is a keynote address I delivered at the inaugural event for the My Brother’s Keeper Black History and Culture Series on February 1, 2016 at Saint Charles High School. … Continue reading

February 2, 2016 · Leave a comment

Poem published in Crab Orchard Review

I came home to copies of the Crab Orchard Review 20-year retrospective that I have a poem in. I’m not supposed to be in this thing. When I look at … Continue reading

September 3, 2015 · Leave a comment

When the Author Has to Draw

Some rough sketches of the drawings I have to do for funders of the Kanye West vs. Prince essay. I have to do 11 of these, plus all of the … Continue reading

August 20, 2015 · Leave a comment

How Bad Was Rust Belt 2015?

People have asked about how bad the 2015 Rust Belt Poetry Slam was. While I’ve been away from it for a few years, I feel confident in stating that it … Continue reading

June 24, 2015 · 2 Comments

POEM – Comfort Woman’s Gold

My poem, “Comfort Woman’s Gold”, appears as part of the Center for Victims of Torture’s “It Starts With Hope” project. It’s a real honor to be able to contribute something … Continue reading

June 11, 2015 · Leave a comment

An Amendment on Writer’s Block. And MF DOOM.

I don’t get writer’s block, not in the traditional sense. I’ve long held that it doesn’t exist, and that what writers are dealing with is not so much an inability … Continue reading

April 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

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